Our History

For over 80 years, the Panepinto family has been in the business of providing Western New York and beyond with professional, prompt, and quality service in the construction industry.

The grassroots of the company, Pinto Trucking Services, began in the 1920s with Charles Panepinto, who offered the services of hauling coal for home heating.  In the 30s and 40s, Charles held the City of Buffalo’s contract for snow removal and the hauling of ashes and debris; he also became one of the first local contractors to use hydraulically controlled heavy equipment.

In 1972, Charles retired, and nephew  George Panepinto started his own business, naming it Pinto Equipment Rental.

George was no stranger to hydraulics or to the innovations in the field. He was a pioneer in excavator-mounted hydraulic attachments,  such as the “wrist-o-twist” (a knuckle-type device enabling an excavator’s arm to maneuver like a human wrist) and in the development of undercarriage innovations to improve the mobility of track- mounted excavators.  Being in the forefront, George also was one of the first in the United States to own a Case-drott 120 hydraulic excavator, one of the largest of its time.

Eventually, the children of George became involved with the business, and in 1985, James and his siblings opened Pinto Construction Services, Inc. developing the company into what it is today.